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Philena reads The Aumakua Cards and The Norse Wisdom Cards. The Aumakua cards originate from Hawaii and can tell you about the different aspects of your life over the next 6 weeks or so. These cards have interesting pictures and are very colourful. They show your present state of well being and how the different threads of your life flow around you. They also can, if relevant, suggest ways of getting around the blocks in your life. Philena finds these cards very accurate for predicting events in your short-term future.

Philena uses The Norse Wisdom Cards to give you a general reading for the next 12 months or so and she uses these cards to answer your questions up to 3 years ahead. She has found these cards very inspiring as well as extremely accurate.

The Norse Wisdom Cards are modelled on images from Norse mythology, the religion of the people of Northern Europe during the age of the Vikings. This pack of cards is also known as Odin's Journey; Odin being the chief God of that period. Each card has a story behind it, which Philena finds very helpful when interpreting the cards during a reading. 

Philena has worked with many different types of cards, mainly Tarot, over the last 20 years and now finds that the Aumakua Cards and The Norse Wisdom Cards are the ones that work best for her.

You may have a Card Reading by itself or add it to a Hand and / or Psychometry Reading if coming in person. For Telephone and Postal Readings you may add it to a Hand, Psychometry and / or Photograph Reading.
All Philena’s readings are charged at the rate of £60/hr with readings less than one hour carrying a surcharge of £5.

- In Person Philena charges between £45 for 40 minutes and £180 for 3 hours. For more information on prices and advice on the length of reading to choose, click here. 

- Readings by phone cost between £35 for 30 minutes and £90 for 1½ hours. 

- Readings by post cost between £25 for 20 minutes and £120 for 2 hours. 

From the cards, Philena can predict the events in your life over the next year or so, and describe how events in your recent past are affecting your present life. The main difference between a Hand Reading and a Card Reading is that your hands tell you the dates of the major events in your life - past, present, future. The cards, on the other hand, give you more detail, though they only cover the next 12 to 18 months. Occasionally however, questions can be answered covering up to 3 years.

All Philena's Readings, in person, by phone and by post, are recorded on to a cassette tape, which you keep. Philena will send the cassette to you if you have had a Telephone or Postal Reading.

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