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Spirit Release – Land and Buildings


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Spirit Release - General

What is Spirit Release?

Spirit Release is the freeing of people, land and buildings, from attached or semi-attached earthbound spirits, negative entities and negative thought forms. Spirit Release is similar to Exorcism. The difference is that Exorcism only cares for the person or the land, it has no compassion for the spirit, whereas Spirit Release has compassion for the spirit as well as for the client. Earthbound spirits are helped into the light and negative entities are either sent back from where they came or put into the custody of the angels.

What are earthbound spirits?

Earthbound spirits are people who have died, but not gone to the light at death; in other words they are stuck on the earth plane. There are many reasons for becoming stuck some of which are; suicide, not wanting to leave a loved one, wanting revenge on a living person, feeling guilty due to a real or imagined wrong-doing, being convinced that there is not an afterlife, sudden death resulting in the person not being aware that they are dead. These stuck spirits often feel lost and / or afraid and attach themselves to a living person or the house where they used to live. They can cause numerous problems, some through malice and some by just being there. Sometimes large numbers of stuck spirits attach themselves to the same person, piece of land or building.

Earthbound spirits can be found in large numbers on old battlefields and mass burial pits. If you live near or on top of one of them, you may be troubled by these spirits.

What are negative entities?

Negative entities are nasty and dangerous spirits who have never been human, that is they are not bad human spirits, but bad non-human spirits. They originate from the lower planes, other planets and alternative realities. When attached to people or properties they can cause many unpleasant problems.

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What are negative thought forms?

Negative thought forms are negative energies, which have been man-made; that is made from someone’s thoughts. When they get strong enough they can act as if they are an independent being. They are a bit like a negative atmosphere. They tend to get attached to land or buildings.

Methods of Spirit Release

There are many people today practicing Spirit Release. There are psychiatrists, psychotherapists, mediums, psychics and other therapists employed in this work. The psychiatrists and psychotherapists usually use hypnosis; that is, they hypnotise the client and then ask the spirit to speak through the client. With this method, it is only possible to help people who are not too young, are of sound mind and who are able to get to the practitioner’s clinic. The mediums on the other hand, tune into the situation and deal with the spirits with the help of their guides. Thus mediums can help babies, mentally handicapped people, land and buildings, and they can often do it from a distance.

Philena has learnt to release spirits with the help of angelic beings. When the stuck spirit is not evil or bad in anyway, Philena allows that spirit to release the emotions, which are holding him back, through her, and then with the help of the angels he is moved into the light. Philena releases bad spirits and suicide cases with help from the angels and other beings of the light. Philena uses her mediumistic skills to release spirits from land and buildings.

After removing the spirits from a person, Philena will fill him with light and put protection around him, with the help of the angels, to keep him safe from more attachments and the person is taught how to protect himself. After removing spirits from land and buildings Philena invites back the devic kingdom – angels and the elemental spirits – and thus the place becomes full of, and vibrating with, positive energy. This positive energy grows with time. Places that used to drain you or terrify you can be turned into places that feel safe and fill you with energy and enthusiasm.

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Spirit Release – People

How do people pick up spirits?

Some people are more susceptible to picking up wandering, lost spirits than others. It is possible to pick them up almost anywhere. You can pick them up in a bus, a taxi or an aeroplane, possibly left behind by the last person who sat there. You can pick them up in graveyards, hospitals and pubs. You can pick them up from computers, particularly when you spend long hours in front of them every day. Angry people tend to pick up angry spirits, which unfortunately is likely to make them angrier. Compassionate people often look like a beacon of light to a lost soul and thus may pick up sad unhappy spirits, looking for someone to look after them. Spirits of lost children often attach themselves to people who like fun. You can pick them up when you are awake, asleep or unconscious. Sometimes spirits get attached to you then leave of their own accord, others get attached to you and then find they can’t leave – maybe they got attached to you when your energy field was weak, then your energy field strengthens and they find they have got stuck. Others get attached to you and decide they would like to stay with you.

How do I protect myself from picking up spirits?

There is nothing you can do to 100% guarantee that you won’t pick up stray spirits. However strong, healthy people are less likely to pick them up, than people with weak immune systems. People who drink too much or take drugs are more likely to pick them up, than those who don’t. People who have a good relationship with their guardian angel and / or other beings from the light are less likely to pick them up.

Philena has found that one of the best methods of protection is to put energy into feeling loved yourself. For techniques on how to do this, see her book – Know That You Are Loved. Philena has found that when you feel loved, your energy field gives out love and this results in stuck spirits being released into the light. Negative entities will not come near you and if already with you, they will leave immediately. However if you are suffering from attached negative entities, you probably won’t be able to feel loved, so will need a Spirit Release practitioner to get rid of the negative entities first.

Symptoms of having a spirit attached to you

Feeling tired for no reason. Other people complaining that they feel tired when they are with you. Getting odd aches and pains; which have no rational explanation. Hearing voices that tell you to do bad things, or things that you don’t want to do. Behaving totally out of character. Having unexpected mood swings. You look in the mirror and seem to be looking at someone else not yourself. Feeling that some unknown person is controlling your life, rather than yourself. Having the symptoms of a serious illness, but no doctor can find anything wrong with you. Crying for no reason. People who know you well, tell you that you have completely changed and are no longer the person you used to be. Feeling sad when there is nothing to be sad about. Feeling as if you are in an odd state of consciousness. Having irrational fears or panic attacks for no reason.

However it must be realised that all of these symptoms can have other causes and may not in any way be connected to an attached spirit.

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How to recognize when someone else has an attached spirit

This requires a certain amount of practice and getting it wrong could be upsetting for the person concerned. However there are 3 signs which with practice can be fairly accurate.

  1. You dislike visiting a certain person, and when you leave you feel completely drained. This happens every time you visit the person. You may arrive feeling happy, but as you go through the door a type of depression descends upon you, which takes awhile to leave you after you have left the person. Other people complain of the same thing when visiting the same person.
  2. When you look the person in the eyes you feel you are looking at someone else or at something rather negative. Their eyes somehow look wrong. You feel as if you are looking at a stranger, possibly a rather unpleasant stranger.
  3. Your pets won’t go anywhere near the person, they run away at the sight of them.

If all three of the above points are present, then the person is likely to have a negative entity attached. If only one of the above points are present, then the person may have an attached earthbound spirit rather than a negative entity.

Please bear in mind that with all 3 of the above points, there could be another explanation which is not connected to spirit attachment, this is why to be sure you need to have had some practice in this area.

Symptoms not caused by a spirit attachment

Over the years many people have visited Philena complaining that they have a spirit attachment which is moving parts of their body without their consent. From Philena’s experience, although these people may have had spirits attached, these spirits were not causing their moving body parts. If you have this problem and are worried about it, Philena suggests that you visit your doctor. If he is unable to help you, then you may find a qualified nutritionist helpful. However visiting a Spirit Release practitioner is unlikely to bring an end to this problem. Being a 100% sure that your problem is cause by a spirit does not necessarily mean that you are correct.

If you have 2 carpets on top of each other in your home and the top one moves across the room without any help from yourself; this is not caused by a ghost or spirit. It is a natural phenomena which happens when you have one carpet on top of the other. You can buy various forms of carpet grips to stop this happening. Spirit release will not stop it happening.

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Spirit Release sessions with Philena

Releasing earthbound spirits from a person is fairly straight forward and can be done in a 1½ hour session with Philena. The session will also include techniques to help you to protect yourself from future attachments. You are only likely to need one session.

Cost £125.

Removing negative entities and / or curses from a person is a far more complicated procedure and is likely to take somewhere between 2 and 3 hours. A second, shorter session will also be required.

Cost £125 for the first 1½ hours and £80/hr for extra time used. Maximum cost £245 for 3 hours.

Whereas having attached or semi-attached earthbound spirits is quite common, being possessed by negative entities is not. Many people have a tendency to look outside of themselves for a reason for their life not working. They blame their psychological problems on attached negative spirits.

Please note that your symptoms will only leave you after a Spirit Release session, if they are caused by a spirit or negative entity, which is successfully removed. If you are 100% convinced that your problems are caused by a spirit attachment, this does not necessarily mean you are correct.

Likely results from a Spirit Release session

If you have had earthbound spirits removed from your energy field, then you are likely to feel lighter in yourself, with more energy and enthusiasm for life. Symptoms, which were caused by these spirits, will be gone or will slowly fade away over the next few days.

If you have had negative entities removed from your energy field you are likely to notice an immediate effect. You will feel different, like your old self, your energy and optimism for life will have returned. This feeling of well-being will increase over the next few days and weeks. You will know that something subtle has changed and that your life is now going to be far more successful and happy. The positive changes in your physical life will become very obvious. In some cases results seem nothing short of miraculous.

However if you have been insisting that your psychological problems are caused by spirit attachment, then removing any spirits who are attached to you may not have any noticeable effect.

Philena finds that people who are more open as to the cause of their problems usually have more noticeable results that those who are totally convinced that their problems are caused by spirits and are closed to any other explanation.

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Spirit Release – Land and Buildings

Symptoms of having spirits / negative entities attached to your property

You feel afraid to be alone on your property, especially at night. In certain places you feel as if someone unseen is watching you. You hear footsteps when alone on your property. Certain spots always feel cold regardless of how much you try to heat that place. You or your children see ghosts or monsters, especially when trying to sleep at night. You awake at night to find an unknown presence sitting on your bed, you can feel the weight of the person but can’t see anyone or maybe you can see a shadowy figure. Your family have been unwell, irritable or just plain bad tempered ever since you moved in. You hate going home, because the place just doesn’t feel all right. Friends don’t like staying with you as they declare that your place is haunted or that they always have nightmares when staying with you. When at home you always feel exhausted and there is no rational explanation for this. Other people feel exhausted when on your property. Your pets refuse to go into certain rooms; if you carry them in, they run away looking terrified immediately after you put them down. Electrical items keep playing up or breaking down.

Some of the above symptoms may also be caused by Geopathic Stress.

Sick property healing sessions with Philena

Philena Bruce

Philena is willing to come out to your property together with between 1 and 3 of her Space Healers team and clear it of ghosts, negative entities, negative thought forms and Geopathic Stress. However this tends to be expensive so you might like to start with a remote Spirit Release session of your property. Sometimes all of your property’s problems can be dealt with in this way. More than one session may be required.

After you have contacted Philena and explained your problem, she will then get back to you with a price.

Likely results from having a Spirit Release job done on your property

The symptoms that you used to have will have gone. You feel happy on your property or in your home. It feels like home, perhaps for the first time. You sleep better and awake with more energy than before. Your children sleep better, behave better and get better results at school. You feel positive and optimistic about your future. Your general level of well-being noticeably improves. Your friends ask you what you have done, as your place feels so much more pleasant than before. You become so much happier and possibly wealthier too.

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Different types of curses

In many places in the world, particularly in some African and South American countries, people pay shamans to curse their enemies. And sometimes these curses can be very effective indeed. However if you live in the Western World, and have no contact with people from these countries, it is very unlikely that a person will have paid someone to curse you.

Many people are unknowingly cursing others for much of their lives. Every time someone makes you very angry or lets you down in some way, you may wish in your mind, over and over again, that something nasty befalls that person. This is a curse; also known as psychic attack. It is a good idea to try not to do this, because if the curse fails to land on the person to whom you have sent it, it will bounce back to you, possibly multiplied. If it does land on the person to whom you have sent it, you gain bad karma for yourself, so either way you lose out.

There are also ancestral curses and past life curses. Ancestral curses are when your ancestors have behaved badly and had themselves and their offspring cursed as a result. Past life curses are when you have been cursed for something you have done, or were blamed for doing, in a past life. These curses can follow you through your various lives.

Symptoms of being cursed

Nothing works in your life, everything you try to do to better your situation fails. Some parts of your life work all right but other parts of your life seem to be bugged by bad luck. Your bad luck can go back to birth or to a certain date in your past. Maybe other members of your family are suffering the same way as you are. You cannot find a decent partner, job or place to live. Very unfortunate and unusual happenings keep occurring in your life. Any good financial investment you attempt to make goes terribly wrong. You keep having unfortunate accidents.

In some cases the above symptoms may have other causes. It is important to take responsibility for your life and not to automatically blame your shortcomings on another person or on a curse. Sometimes you may need psychotherapy or common sense advice, rather than a Spirit Release practitioner.

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Ways of raising or getting rid of curses

Chapter 14 of Philena’s book: Know That You Are Loved, gives you various, inexpensive methods to enable you to release yourself from a curse or psychic attack. These are more applicable to curses done by angry people in your present life.

If a professional curse maker has been paid to curse you, or you think this might be the case, your best course of action is to contact Philena or another Spirit Release practitioner with experience in removing curses.

If your curse has originated from one of your past lives, or you believe it may have done so, then you will need to visit a Past Life practitioner with experience in removing curses. Philena can help you with this, if you live closer enough to London to be able to visit her.

If your curse has originated from your ancestors, or you believe it may have done so, then you will need to visit a person who practices Ancestral Healing. Special ceremonies can also be performed to release the curse that was put on your ancestors. Philena can do this for and with you. Philena has had much experience successfully releasing these types of curses in her own family.

If you have abused your power or made money from abusing or causing harm in someway to other people, whether directly or indirectly and therefore “deserve” the curse that has been put upon you, your first course of action should be to see what it is that you can do to rectify the damage you have done. This may be costly in both money and time. If you fit this category, and need help with deciding on the best way of compensating for your bad actions, then contact Philena who may be able help you.

Ways to protect yourself from being cursed

Do not act in such a way that you cause people to get angry with you. If you have reason to believe that a person is angry with you, then try and solve the problem. The sentence – I am sorry – costs you nothing and may save you a lot of unnecessary hassle and bills.

Teach yourself to believe that you are loved. Chapter 2 of Philena’s book – Know That You Are Loved – gives you an exercise, which will help you to feel loved by the Universe. Walk about your daily life knowing that you are loved. When you know that you are truly loved, a curse will not be able to land upon you.

Imagine that you have a magical shield around you, which reflects towards the light, any negative energy which is sent to you. This way the negative energy gets transformed and neither attacks you nor returns to the sender.

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