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Spirit Release / Exorcism – of people, land and buildings. Releasing earthbound spirits and negative entities from you and your property can re-energise you, help you to feel healthier, happier and more optimistic. It can also bring about success in your relationships and business dealings.

Background information on Spirit Release
If you read the accounts of people who have died and come back, they talk about tunnels of light, overwhelming feelings of being unconditionally loved, and meeting with loved ones who died before them. The general understanding is that when you die you go to another plane of being which is much nicer than the life you left, often called the Summerlands. However, for a variety of reasons, some people don’t go into the light at death and they thus become stuck or earthbound spirits. There are many reasons for becoming stuck some of which are; not wanting to leave a loved one, suicide, feeling guilty due to a real or imagined wrong-doing, being convinced that there is not an afterlife, sudden death resulting in the person not being aware that they are dead. These stuck spirits often feel lost and or afraid and often attach themselves to a living person where they cause numerous problems, not through malice, but just by being there. Sometimes large numbers of stuck spirits attach themselves to the same person.

Some people are more susceptible to picking up stray spirits than others. There are many ways of picking up spirits. Hospitals and pubs can be dangerous places. Hospitals, because people die in them, and therefore there are likely to be more lost souls in hospitals than in other places. Pubs tend to attract dead alcoholics wanting to attach themselves to a person so they can have the pleasure of a drink. This can explain why alcoholics often change nature with drink and find it so hard to give up. You can pick up spirits when you get very emotional and it doesn’t matter if you are roaring with laughter or crying your eyes out. Being unconscious from an accident, or an operation, can also put you in a state where you are more likely to pick them up. 

Some people’s energy fields are such that spirits can walk in and out, a bit like a house where the door is always left open. Other people’s energy fields are strong in such a way that spirits can’t walk in and out, in their case, their door is always shut and locked. However here the problem is that if a spirit gets in, due to say the person being unconscious, it won’t be able to get out again. It’s a bit like leaving your front door open while you are unconscious, someone walks in, you return to consciousness, shut and lock the door, and then the person who walked in gets stuck inside. 

Many of these stuck spirits don’t do much harm, but some can be very upsetting indeed. Some of the effects of having spirits in one’s energy field are tiredness for no apparent reason, pains and discomforts that seem to have no cause, serious illnesses which have appeared out of the blue, hearing voices that tell you to do nasty things, headaches, crying for no reason, not feeling oneself, swings in mood and behaviour. However it must be realised that all these symptoms can have other causes and may not be in any way connected to an attached spirit. 

Earthbound spirits can also get attached to buildings and to land, and many of them may get stuck for hundreds of years. The effects of having earthbound spirits on your land and buildings can be seeing ghosts, feeling afraid of being there alone or in the dark, feeling drained after you have visited the place or suffering from depression while living there. 

There are also negative entities and negative thought forms with a life of their own that can get attracted to living people and to land. Negative entities cause many more problems than earthbound spirits. 

In the past freeing people and places of earthbound spirits and negative entities was called exorcism, now it is called Spirit Release. The difference is that exorcism only cared for the person or the land, it had no compassion for the spirit. Spirit Release on the other hand has compassion for the spirit as well as for the client. Earthbound spirits are helped into the light and negative entities are either helped into the light or put into the custody of the angels. 

There are many people today practicing Spirit Release. There are many psychiatrists, psychotherapists, mediums, psychics and other therapists employed in this work. The psychiatrists and psychotherapists usually use hypnosis; that is, they hypnotise the client and then ask the spirit to speak through the client. With this method, it is only possible to help people who are not too young, are of sound mind and who are able to get to the practitioner’s clinic. The mediums on the other hand, tune into the situation and deal with the spirits with the help of their guides. Thus mediums can help babies, the insane, land and buildings, and they can often do it from a distance. 

Philena has learnt to release spirits with the help of angelic beings. When the stuck spirit is not evil or bad in anyway, Philena allows that spirit to release the emotions, which are holding him back, through her, and then with the help of the angels he is moved into the light. Philena releases bad spirits and suicide cases by praying and by asking the angels for help. Often when releasing spirits from land and buildings Philena uses a pendulum. The swinging of the pendulum somehow produces a vortex of energy, which helps release the spirit. 

After removing the spirits from a person, Philena will fill him with light and put protection around him, with the help of the angels, to keep him safe from more attachments and the person is taught how to protect himself. After removing spirits from land and buildings Philena invites back the devic kingdom – angels, fairies, elves – and thus the place becomes full of, and vibrating with, positive energy. This positive energy grows with time. Places that used to drain you or terrify you can be turned into places that feel safe and fill you with energy and enthusiasm. 

Philena finds releasing earthbound spirits from a person fairly straightforward and it can usually be done as part of a reading. Negative entities take longer. In these cases the client will need to book a healing session with Philena. If the negative entity has been with the person for a long time and / or is causing a lot of disturbance in the person’s life, more than one healing session may be required. If the person has psychological or emotional problems which have encouraged the attachment of the entity, then these problems need to be dealt with to ensure that the person does not pick up more negative entities in the future. 

The time taken to release spirits from buildings and land depends partly on the size of the place, partly on the number of spirits involved and partly on the type of spirits, which need to be removed. If there are very negative entities involved this can take far longer as special preparation is required. 

- Earthbound spirits can often be removed from people during a 1 hour Reading
with Philena - £60.
- Difficult cases of earthbound spirits and negative entities can usually be
removed from people during a healing session with Philena. These sessions
cost between £90 and £180 depending on the amount of time taken (£60/hr).
More than one session may be required.
- Spirit Release from buildings and land are done by estimate only. For more
information see the prices page. 

Please note: If you would like to discuss your spirit problems on the phone with Philena, you may book a Telephone Consultation with her, for any length of time that you wish at the rate of £60/hour – minimum £20. (Philena’s surcharge of £5 for consultations of less than 1 hour does not apply here.)

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