What is healing?

Healing is a form of energy medicine which in Philena’s case uses sound, Inner light and help from angels and guides.

If you are not happy or part of your life is not working the way you would like it to, then healing can help bring about constructive change. It can help with many problems – physical, emotional, spiritual and financial. However it is not an alternative to allopathic / traditional medicine, though it can be complementary to it.

If you are ill or think you might be, you should first visit your doctor before consulting a healer.

For information on Toning, Relationship Healings, Symbolic Visualization, Singing Bowl Healing, Plant Spirit Healing, Assemblage Point Healing or Absent Healing, click on the relevant heading.

Philena’s healing path and theory of healing

Philena with Sunflower

Philena first discovered that she had the ability to heal in the spring of 1982 when she brought a dead sunflower back to life.

In 1987 Philena took part in a healing course run by Martin Brofman, a well-known American healer. After this course her healing abilities flowered and many people obtained relief from a variety of different problems. Encouraged by this success Philena went on to develop her own system of Shamanic Healing, which uses visualization and sound.

The theory behind Philena’s healing is that most problems – physical, financial or emotional – are caused by unexpressed emotions. A physical problem is like ice whereas the emotion causing it, is like water. The idea is that when an emotion gets suppressed, the water turns to ice and thus a physical problem arises. If somehow, one can get the ice to turn back into water and express the emotion, the physical problem goes. Although the theory sounds very simple, the actuality can be more complicated. An emotional problem on the other hand needs to be taken back to its source to be released. Philena found that expressing a certain type of sound facilitated this.

Although Philena has taken various healing courses in England, France and Denmark, her spirit helpers have taught her most of what she has learnt. Philena has been clairaudient since birth, meaning that she has always been able to hear things that other people are unable to hear. She has been guided throughout most of her life by what she calls “My Voices”. These voices have taught Philena most of what she knows about healing today.

In every healing session Philena relies on her voices to guide her through the session. Thus every session is tailor made to the client’s requirements in that moment. Philena’s theory of healing, mentioned above, was the result of what she learned, not the starting point.

To learn about scientific research which is proving the relationship between emotional well-being and physical health read “It’s The Thought That Counts: Why Mind Over matter Really Works” by Dr. David R. Hamilton.


This is a sound made by the human voice, which releases the emotional blocks in a person’s energy field.

Toning is a great tool for healing for people who suffer from frustration, anger, sadness, guilt, fear, anxiety, or panic attacks. It is of particular use when a person’s life is in pieces because of a recent broken love affair, or when someone is suffering from the death of a loved one.

Toning is one of the methods used during Philena’s Healing sessions. To learn more about Toning and what it can achieve, see Philena’s book; Know That You Are Loved: Self-Healing Techniques for Everyone. Published by O-Books, June 2010.

Relationship Healings

Philena has developed her own method of healing relationships. This is very useful if someone has left you, through separation, divorce or death. It is particularly useful if you have lost a loved one to a sudden death and were unable to say goodbye. It is also very helpful if you would like your relationship healed with a partner, parent, child, sibling, friend, boss or work colleague.

Philena’s Relationship Healings consist of a mixture of visualization, talking while in a deeply relaxed state - not hypnosis - and Toning. This type of healing usually requires one session only; however, if the relationship that needs healing is with your mother, more sessions will normally be required. Philena does not know why this is so, but mothers tend to need 2 or 3 sessions minimum. Please note that usually only one relationship can be healed in any one session.

Many people, who have Relationship Healings with Philena, arrive looking old, haggard and tired and leave looking young, joyful and full of energy. If you would like a before and after photograph, please bring your camera!

If you have a Relationship Healing with Philena, it does not necessarily mean that the person will re-enter your life, it means that the uncontrollable pain, anger and / or guilt that you used to carry, will be gone. You may still feel sad if a loved one has left you, but you will have lost the weight of the sadness. It will also mean that you are better equipped for dealing with the person with whom you had the problem.

Relationship Healings are done in your mother tongue, therefore a good knowledge of English is not required. If you cannot speak any English, you may bring an interpreter.

To learn more about Relationship Healings and what they can achieve, see Philena’s book; Know That You Are Loved: Self-Healing Techniques for Everyone Published by O-Books, June 2010.

Symbolic Visualization

Visualization is a way of using your mind to create a picture of what you would like to happen in your life. Then by charging it with positive emotions and practising it daily, you bring into your life that which you have visualized. Symbolic Visualization is using your mind to create a symbol that represents what you would like to happen in your life.

Symbolic Visualizations are more helpful than normal visualizations as they protect you from unexpected mistakes. For example a woman visualized a lover in every tiny detail she could think of. He arrived in her life with all the qualities she had asked for, however had the most foul breath – the one quality she had forgotten to add to her visualization. If this visualization had been done symbolically, the foul breath would have been avoided. It’s easy enough to know when your symbol is complete and whole, but not so easy with literal visualization.

Philena started working with Symbolic Visualizations in the late eighties, since then many “miracles” have happened in her client’s lives. For example: huge debts have been written off by banks, people have found their soul mates, marriages on the edge of divorce have turned around and become blissfully happy, various physical problems have been alleviated, well paid jobs have been found, the list goes on and on.

To learn more about Symbolic Visualization and what it can achieve, see Philena’s book; Know That You Are Loved: Self-Healing Techniques for Everyone. Published by O-Books, June 2010.

Singing Bowl Healing

Philena's BowlThis is a bit like a personal Gong Bath, but with singing bowls instead of gongs. Philena has a collection of Tibetan Singing Bowls, which she has collected over the years. She has also made 3 singing bowls under the tutelage of Ton Akkermans, for the express purpose of healing people. .

You lie, fully dressed, on a comfortable flat surface. Singing bowls are put gently onto different parts of your body and played by Philena.

This method of healing is very good at reducing stress. It relaxes you, cleans your energy field and brings it back into balance. It is also a pleasurable experience. Some women have reported a reduction in period pain after one of these sessions.

Plant Spirit Healing

Philena stumbled upon this method of healing, while going through a bad time. In 2011 she was suffering from feeling over-whelmed all the time. On New Year’s Eve she felt drawn to putting dried herbs in a bowl, lighting them, blowing out the flame and talking into the resulting smoke. She poured out her troubles for the next hour or so and then was saturated with a sense of peace. She did not feel overwhelmed again for about 3 months. Since then although the over-whelmed feeling returns from time to time, it never stays around for long.

Amazed by the effects of speaking to the spirits of plants, Philena tried this healing with friends and clients, who reported wonderful changes taking place in their lives. Little miracles started happening. Philena found that although amazing results could be obtained when a person spoke from the heart about their problems, people who tried to use this method as a magic genie to grant their every wish, were badly disappointed.

During these healings, Philena smoulders herbs, spices and resins on top of charcoal in a fire-proof dish. There is no need for the person having the healing to sit close to the smoke. Some people like to sit next to it, others prefer to sit a few metres away. The results are the same wherever you sit.

Assemblage Point Healing

Philena first heard of the little-known shamanic technique of Shifting the Assemblage Point in 2014. She visited a practitioner to try it out for herself. The results were nothing short of miraculous. A condition which Philena had had for over half a century, which had resisted all healing, her own and other people’s, suddenly cleared up. She felt a new person on many fronts. These effects lasted for 6 weeks. Philena returned to the same practitioner for a second visit. This time the visit went horribly wrong as the practitioner got angry with Philena for asking for a cup of tea and Philena was poisoned by some plants, growing near the place. As a result this second visit was unsuccessful. The whole story of this visit is very funny, if you visit Philena, ask her and she will tell you.

Philena then discovered that her friend, Leo Rutherford, knew how to Shift the Assemblage Point. She visited Leo and had a successful session. Leo also taught her how to shift this Point. Since then Philena has been shifting people’s Assemblage Points and teaching other healers how to do the technique.

From Philena’s experience Shifting the Assemblage Point promotes a feeling of well-being. It can help reduce anxiety, increase happiness, relieve aches and pains, control Trichotillomania; the compulsive desire to pull out one’s hair, and increase the flow of money into the lives of the self-employed.

Shifting the Assemblage Point will not cure an illness, however by putting a person into a state of harmony and balance, whatever else they are doing to promote recovery will be enhanced.

For most problems The Assemblage Point will need to be shifted more than once. This is because it takes awhile for the Point to get used to its new position. When upset by life’s problems this Point will slip back to its old position. Having been shifted a few times the Assemblage Point finally accepts its new position as the right place to be.

The method Philena uses to shift this Point, is by sliding a crystal on the skin of a person’s chest, therefore it is necessary for you to remove all clothing from the upper part of your body. The method also involves a few slaps on the back, thus is not suitable for people with back problems. There are other practitioners of this technique who use an expensive machine to shift the Point, which means it can be done on top of clothing and without slaps on the back.

For an explanation of what the Assemblage Point is, click here.

Absent Healing

Absent Healing means that you are not present when the healing takes place. Absent healing can be provided for yourself or for other people in your life. A photograph of the person will need to be provided before the healing takes place. This photograph can be emailed or posted to Philena.

Philena also works in a state of deep trance with Amravati Mitchell to sort out complicated issues in a person’s life, both by removing negative influences and by finding the right way forward.

Please note that Philena will never use Absent Healing to manipulate the behaviour of a person without their consent.

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