All the services on this website are for people who are at least 18 years old.

Before booking a Reading, Healing or Spirit Release session with Philena, please read the relevant disclaimer.

Disclaimer for Readings
Disclaimer for Healings and Spirit Release

Prices for

Readings in person

An Indepth Palm Reading costs £150

Philena offers Palm Readings, Tarot Readings (cards), Psychometry (a type of clairvoyance) and Photograph Readings. You may have these individually or combined. However each type of Reading requires at least 15 minutes, except for Psychometry which requires at least 30 minutes. You do not need to decide exactly which combination you would like in advance, however you do need to decide approximately how long you would like your Reading to be. Also if you think you might like a Photograph Reading, it is essential you bring the right type of photographs with you, click here.

30 minutes cost £60
45 minutes cost £85
1 hour costs £100

1¼ hours cost £125
1½ hours cost £150

Readings longer than 1½ hours are charged at an extra £20 for every extra 15 minutes.

A Combined Reading consisting of all 4 different types of Reading costs £150 for 1½ hours.

An In-depth Combined Reading lasts between 2 and 3 hours and costs between £190 and £270. It consists of a full Hand Reading, a full Tarot Reading, as much Psychometry as wants to flow, and if relevant a Photograph Reading. You may of course decide the maximum length of time that you would like your Reading to last.

Help! What type of Reading should I have?

Skype / Phone Readings

20 minutes cost £38
30 minutes cost £50
45 minutes cost £70
1 hour costs £85

For more information on Skype / Phone Readings, click here.

Palmistry Lessons

To learn Palmistry requires 6 to 8 lessons of approximately 2 hours each. One to one tuition costs £80 per hour.

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Philena is willing to read palms at private parties in the London area.

Lunchtime parties - £150 for up to 1½ hours plus £100 per hour for any extra time used.

Evening parties - £250 for up to 2½ hours plus £100 per hour for any extra time used. If Philena’s services are required after 11pm, she will also require the cost of a taxi cab home.

For more information on Parties, click here.


Healing sessions cost £150 for the first 1½ hours and £80 per hour for extra time used.

Most healing sessions take about 2 hours, and if so cost £190, however the first session is normally a little longer, as Philena needs to hear the background information on your problem.

Maximum price £270 for 3 hours.

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Relationship Healings

Each session costs £190 to £270 depending on time taken, (between 2 and 3 hours).

Usually it is only possible to heal your relationship with one person in any one session.

Most Relationship Healings only require one session. For some reason, a Relationship Healing with your mother is likely to require 2 or 3 sessions.

Symbolic Visualization

£150 per session.

Usually only one session is required. However you will need to practise your visualization over the next few weeks to help it come to fruition.

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Singing Bowl Healing

This method of healing is a bit like a Gong Bath but done with singing bowls rather than gongs.

£85 per session or £125 if combined with an Assemblage Point Healing.

For more information on Singing Bowl Healing, click here.

Plant Spirit Healing


Usually only one session is required.

Please note this method of healing does not involve swallowing anything.

For more information on Plant Spirit Healing, click here.

Assemblage Point Healing

£85 per session, or £125 if combined with a Singing Bowl Healing.

For an explanation of what the Assemblage Point is, click here.

For more information on Assemblage Point Healing, click here.

Absent Healing

Absent Healing means that you are not present when the healing takes place.

Straight forward healings cost £150 for 2 sessions. Further sessions, if required, cost £60 each.

To resolve complicated issues in a person’s life, which may include the removal of negative influences and the release of earthbound spirits and / or negative entities, Philena works together with Amravati Mitchell. More than one session may be required.

The date and time of your healing session will be arranged after payment has been received.

Feedback after each session is sent via a short sound bite attached to an email.

For more information on Absent Healing, click here.

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Spirit Release – People

Straight forward cases of Spirit Release costs £150 for approximately 1½ hours. Usually only one sessions is required.

Removal of negative entities and / or curses can take between 2 and 3 hours and costs between £190 and £270. The third hour is charged at £80 per hour. A second but shorter session will also be required.

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Spirit Release – Land and Buildings

If you would like Philena to come out to your property please contact her directly and she will give you a price after she knows what is involved, how big your place is and whereabouts it is situated.

However as you may find this rather expensive you might like to start with a remote Spirit Release session on your property. Sometimes all of your property’s problems can be dealt with in this way. More than one session may be required. After you have contacted Philena and explained your problem, she will then get back to you with a price.

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