Philena is willing to read palms at private parties in the London area. She understands that this will be, at least in part, for entertainment purposes. Thus Philena will not tell your guests anything that would normally be considered bad news, and will keep her readings upbeat and positive.

Conditions required

Philena requires a quiet, private area, with good lighting or a power point where she can plug in an angle poise lamp. A table will also be required for clients to lean their hands on while their reading is taking place.


Lunchtime parties - £150 for up to 1½ hours plus £100/hr for any extra time used.

Evening parties - £250 for up to 2½ hours plus £100/hr for any extra time used. If Philena’s services are required after 11pm, she will also require the cost of a taxi cab home.


The minimum fee to be paid at the time of booking the date or 4 weeks in advance, whichever is nearest to the date booked. Any balance to be paid in cash when Philena has finished her Readings.


Provided at least 2 weeks notice is given of cancellation, Philena will return 90% of monies paid, 10% being kept for administrative purposes. If between 72 hours and 2 weeks notice is given of cancellation, Philena will return up to 90% of monies paid, provided that the time booked or some of it, is taken by another client.

If less than 72 hours notice is given of cancellation, no monies will be returned.

If Philena needs to cancel for any reason, she will return to you 100% of monies paid and if possible, find you another Palm Reader or Psychic.

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