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Emotional Healing

Philena has developed her own method of Emotional and relationship healing. This is very useful if someone has left you, through separation, divorce or death. It is particularly useful if you have lost a loved one to a sudden death and were unable to say goodbye. It is also very helpful if you would like your relationship healed with a partner, parent, child, sibling, friend, boss or work colleague. 

Philena’s Emotional and Relationship Healings consist of a mixture of visualisation, talking while in a deeply relaxed state – not hypnosis - and Toning. This type of healing usually only requires one session; however, if the relationship that needs healing is with your mother, more sessions will normally be required. Philena does not know why this is so, but mothers tend to need 2 or 3 sessions minimum. Please note that usually only one relationship can be healed in any one session.

Many people, who have Relationship Healings with Philena, arrive looking old, haggard and tired and leave looking young, joyful and full of energy. If you would like a before and after photograph, please bring your camera!

If you have a Relationship Healing with Philena, it does not necessarily mean that the person will re-enter your life, it means that the uncontrollable pain, anger and / or guilt that you used to carry, will be gone. You may still feel sad if a loved one has left you, but you will have lost the weight of the sadness.

Relationship Healings are done in your mother tongue, therefore a good knowledge of English is not required. If you cannot speak any English, you may bring an interpreter. 

Relationship Healings normally cost between £120 and £180 and last from 2 to 3 hours.

Absent Healing 
Absent Healing means that you are not present when the healing takes place.

Working alone, Philena charges £100 per month for approximately 5 sessions.

Working with another healer each session costs £50. This enables more power to be built up which thus brings about quicker results. A minimum of 3 sessions for £150 is required the first time you book a session. 

Absent healing can also be provided for other people in your life.

A photograph of the person will need to be provided before the healing takes place.

Philena also works in a state of deep trance with another healer to sort out complicated issues in a person’s life, both by removing negative influences and by finding the right way forward. These sessions last approximately 1½ hours and cost between £150 and £210 depending on the nature of the problem. These sessions are recorded on to a cassette tape, which is then sent to you by 1st class mail or by airmail

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